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Irish Content List

Content Pack NameLevelTypeDescriptionKey
IrishBeginnerSongAcross the Bridge to ConnaughtC Major
IrishBeginnerSongAdieu to O'ReillyF Major
IrishBeginnerSongAileen AroonBb Major
IrishBeginnerSongAll Around the WorldD Major
IrishBeginnerSongAll Round My HatF Major
IrishBeginnerSongAll the Way to GalwayC Major
IrishBeginnerSongAlong the Ocean ShoreF Major
IrishBeginnerSongAnnie LaurieC Major
IrishBeginnerSongArchie MenziesF Major
IrishBeginnerSongAs I walked on the road to SligoF Major
IrishBeginnerSongBallinderryC Major
IrishBeginnerSongButtermilk And CiderA Major
IrishBeginnerSongCockles and Mussels (Molly Malone)C Major
IrishBeginnerSongCork and Sweet MunsterF Major
IrishBeginnerSongDoon ReelD Major
IrishBeginnerSongDown By The Sally GardensD Major
IrishBeginnerSongDown on the floorG Major
IrishBeginnerSongFig for a KissG Major
IrishBeginnerSongGarret Barry'sG Major
IrishBeginnerSongGeese in the BogC Major
IrishBeginnerSongHarvest HomeD Major
IrishBeginnerSongIrish TrollC Major
IrishBeginnerSongJimmy Ward'sG Major
IrishBeginnerSongJohn McHugh'sF Major
IrishBeginnerSongJohn McKenna'sD Major
IrishBeginnerSongKerry PolkaG Major
IrishBeginnerSongLilting BansheeD Major
IrishBeginnerSongMartin Wynne'sG Major
IrishBeginnerSongMorrison's JigD Major
IrishBeginnerSongPig TownG Major
IrishBeginnerSongRolling in the RyegrassD Major
IrishBeginnerSongSeven Nights DrunkG Major
IrishBeginnerSongSporting PaddyG Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe AnglerG Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe AshplantD Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Bank of IrelandD Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe BirthdayC Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Bonny Young Irish BoyC Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Boys of BluehillD Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe ButterflyE Minor
IrishBeginnerSongThe Canal BoatC Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Clare JigG Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Cloak that Got Its CombingF Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Crosses of AnnaghD Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Devil In DublinG Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Drunken SailorC Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Galway RamblerG Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe glens of MayoG Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Green BushesF Major
IrishBeginnerSongThe Humours of WhiskeyE Minor
IrishBeginnerSongThe Lilting BansheeE Minor
IrishBeginnerSongThe Maid Behind the BarD Major
IrishBeginnerSongWhiskey in the jarC Major
IrishIntermediateSongA Bhruinnillin BheasachF Major
IrishIntermediateSongA Nation Once AgainG Major
IrishIntermediateSongAbigail JudgeG Minor
IrishIntermediateSongAcushla Gal MachreeBb Major
IrishIntermediateSongAlexander's FavoriteD Major
IrishIntermediateSongAlly CrokerBb Major
IrishIntermediateSongAnother Jig Will DoD Major
IrishIntermediateSongArdlamonG Major
IrishIntermediateSongAround KillavilD Major
IrishIntermediateSongBallyhoura MountainsG Major
IrishIntermediateSongBallyket CastleG Major
IrishIntermediateSongBlack Cloaks to cover BobbyEb Major
IrishIntermediateSongBlarney PilgrimG Major
IrishIntermediateSongBritches Full of StitchesA Major
IrishIntermediateSongCathail O ConchubharC Major
IrishIntermediateSongCnoc na bPollD Major
IrishIntermediateSongCockled Old ManG Major
IrishIntermediateSongCooley'sD Major
IrishIntermediateSongErin's GrovesG Major
IrishIntermediateSongFollies of YouthD Major
IrishIntermediateSongFollow Me Down to CarlowG Major
IrishIntermediateSongGalway ReelC Major
IrishIntermediateSongGalway ShawlD Major
IrishIntermediateSongKesh JigG Major
IrishIntermediateSongLady Ann MontgomeryD Major
IrishIntermediateSongMaid behind the BarD Major
IrishIntermediateSongMarching to DroghedaG Major
IrishIntermediateSongOut on the OceanG Major
IrishIntermediateSongRattlin' BogG Major
IrishIntermediateSongRights of ManE Minor
IrishIntermediateSongSi Bheag Si MhorD Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Angel's WhisperBb Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Ballydesmond PolkasG Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Cameronian ReelD Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Connaught Man's RamblesD Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Cup of GoldG Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Drunken LandladyD Major
IrishIntermediateSongThe Glen of AherlowD Major
IrishAdvancedSongA Lady FairD Major
IrishAdvancedSongAnd doth not a Meeting like thisEb Major
IrishAdvancedSongBanish MisfortuneD Major
IrishAdvancedSongBansheeG Major
IrishAdvancedSongCathleen AsthoreD Major
IrishAdvancedSongMaggie in the WoodsG Major
IrishAdvancedSongThe Black Haired GirlEb Major
IrishAdvancedSongThe Chiefs of Old TimesD Minor
IrishAdvancedSongThe Irish RoverA Major